What is next generation Toolbox for a CEO candidate ?

I mentioned previously how Next Generation CEO will be in near future. With all these digitalization trends, we will need new types of managements in organizations. Meaningly, we will need new competencies to be developed in alignment with new trends. People talk about how new management would be however most of them do not mention how to develop ourselves.

I would like to divide it into two types. These are personal competencies and organizational competencies. Since we do not take only personal competency into care; organizations have competency as well. Both of them will support you as Next Generation CEO. In new world, problems will be much more complex. To have the ability to deal with complexity will be the most important competency. There will be huge increase in number of unknowns. Then it will create complexity. That is a must. Secondly, data literacy...As we all know big data is the new era and there will be no place for employees who cannot read the data. This is so critical. You need to get used to this data world and even play with it, create understanding in analytical way and have your decisions based on data. Coding will be another competency. I am pretty sure coding will be in fundamental requirements on job descriptions. As we know, thinking big picture is important for a CEO. In new term, I mention that as "think holistically". You cannot avoid the fact that all things happening politically, economically have effect on organization. So, you should think holistically. Last personal competency I would recommend is storytelling. There will be lots of puzzle pieces. If you try to tell them in seperate way to customers, stakeholders, employees, it will mean less. So you should be competent on storytelling to touch on emotions, visualization and everything.

Second type of competency is organizational one. As a Next Generation CEO, you should fully focus on the creation of value. To create value will be most important thing especially in digitalization. Another point would be reacting fast to unexpected changes. Acceleration of the speed on changes will increase dramatically. So, you should react real fast to these changes. You need to keep alive and evolving your organization. If you need to change the structure of organization, you should do that, otherwise, you cannot respond well to market dynamics. Last one I would like to mention is self learning. You have to structure your organization such a way that it really needs to learn itself, be living organization.

To sum, having a look at competencies in both personal and organizational sides make totally sense. Your toolbox on personal competencies should include solving complexity, data literacy, coding, thinking holistically, storytelling; on organizational side, creating value, adapting to changes, evolving organizational structure, creating self-learning platform. By having all these competencies, you will be able to adapt to new world having digital trends. Next Generation CEO will need types of toolboxes to be integrated into herself/himself. 

Hakan Özdemir 

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