Be Disruptive to Be Creative

Until few years ago, one of the top topics was to measure CQ meaning curiosity intelligence. When you are curious on something, you start to develop your creativeness. To be creative helps you to move ahead from competition and find the "new". To do new things take your company to upper level in competition. That is more or less summary of the case. In today's world, new topic is being disruptive. The level of creativeness is not enough to catch up the market needs or creating new markets. You do not want to wait for years after being creative. You want immediate results. To be disruptive gives you time advantage and image for your company. That is what disuptive means for me.

When I try to observe the difference created in companies, I saw the following. A big corporation can be creative, but the word of disruptive goes more on start up side. My topic is to be disruptive not only start-up world as well as big corporate lives. This would be new way of innovation in near future.

How to be a disruptive or in another saying how to create discruptive ideas is the main question. I think the first important step to ask lots of questions. People have normally tendency to solve the problem. So, they do not ask enough questions or right questions. Once there is a question, they are looking for answers. Actually right step is to ask lots of different questions before focusing on answers. That will give you creativeness to think other ways or different perspectives as well. Your brain will start working on more the ways never tried before. That is another meaning of disruption. Second step, you have to create diversed groups to solve a problem in your organization. Every life/business coach says you have to be expert on something. Employees try to expertise themselves. I do not totally agree on this. To have a general understanding and being visioner is important also. To be disruptive, you have to see big picture, and you have to have holistic view. Intercultural, interdisciplinary knowledge is key to be disruptive on something. As a last recommendation, we have to learn how to take risk in corporations as well. People have saving mentality and try to save everything like career, money, title, relationships. They try to stay away from the risks. But doing the same thing will not give you different results. You have to take risks to solve a problem and the level of risk you are taking is related how disruptive you are. To find the "new" means trying the new by taking risk.

When we say being disruptive, a well know name comes to our minds. Steve Jobs. Here are Steve Job’s sentences: “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.” This is not so complicated. It is all being disruptive as well. But it does not mean you need complexity. Sometimes to simplify everything in your life makes you creative.

Old school creativeness will not help for future for Next Generation CEOs. You definately need to be disruptive to look for being creative. This trend challenges your organization and competencies of employees in your organization. Having disruptive innovation totally deserves a good place in your strategies.

Hakan Özdemir

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