How to collaborate to communicate ?

Collaboration and communication are two key words for an organization. Most of CEOs talk about the essentials of these two and say this is critical for company. Most of the time though we cannot even give concrete examples of how to do it. That is why two concepts are still not clear how to benefit from.

When your company size gets bigger, it is much problematic to collaborate and communicate. # of employees show how hard is that to establish within the company. In shortly saying, We always tell we have to collaborate within the company. Why ? Since most of articles/stats show if you increase collaboration it directly affects your financial figures. However my concern is the following: I am not sure we understand enough how/when collaboration is necessary. We just insist on it is crucial but we should focus more to determine where we need collaboration and with whom. Next Generation CEO should think the areas she/he wants collaboration on top. Then there will be much more efficiency. It basically helps on productivity, morale, transperancy and communication. These are mostly soft values within your company however have indirect effects to company.

Executives are right to ask for more from new waves like collaborative technologies as well. Especially social networkings and crowdsourcing collaborative tools can give you new potentials not discovered before. Basic purpose of Next Generation CEO for collaboration should be agility, productivity, quick decision making and disruptive idea creation. These are very valuable output for organization especilly the part for decision making and new idea generation. However another topic needs to be considered is how to incentivize the collaboration.

Most of the big companies suffer from transperancy and productivity. There is huge information but you do not know how to take the information out and use. People do not have tendency to collaborate. It also affects diversity so that idea generation and creativity. That is the main reason Next Generation CEO can think how to use collaborative technologies to enhance the strengths of organization.

I would like to focus/emphasize two things: Social platforms and gamification. Very simple it is.You have to focus on how to utilize more on social platforms. Since there a a big trend on social platforms (very classic but true). We realize people are not using company social platforms like they use FB, Ins, Twitter...We have to understand the reason behind that and create attractiveness on company social platforms. Stats show best and easy way to increase collaboration is social platforms. On top of that, I do not believe we are getting enough benefit from gamification concept as well. In our careers, our brains coded already career is boring, oh this corporate life...however we have to learn how to enjoy corporate life as well. Next Generation CEO needs to give platform for gamification and make sure each of every employee has fun with what they are doing at work. If there is no fun, results no collaboration at all.

At the end of the day collaboration of course affects communication positively. In this digitalization period, communication will be maybe the only thing we have to focus. If we as humans lose to communicate, then corporates will not be able to achieve the good results. This is what I believe. There is a saying "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships"

Hakan Özdemir

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