Succeeding within your Comfort Zone

My topic in this writing is to assess your comfort zone. As you know, it is always being discussed like being out of your comfort zones. When we check the meaning of it, comfort zone means a situation where one feels safe or at ease. There is another meaning like the following: a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results. If we realize these meanings, it is so normal we come up with the concept of out of comfort zones. However, I think in different way here. In a human life, we see general philosophical aspect, we as humans always trying to get comfort zone. In financial statement, career life, social life, family life, what we try to do is always to create comfort zone, enlarge our comfort zone and utilize our comfort zone. So that we feel happy and valuable. Of course it is not 100% true but that is more general statement. My point is to understand more how to be successful in our comfort zones.

There is a philosophy I like. I am enough, I have enough, I do enough. That is more reverse mentality for comfort zone topic. Sometimes I feel employees are always focusing to improve themselves which is not wrong to do. However we forget recognition side. Or we wait for recognition to come from managers or others. We never recognize ourselves. We have to know that we are enough to do the job. And we have everything already to do the job. And finally we should recognize and congratulate ourselves. This is not like I am not going to improve myself. This is more mentality and of course every second of my life I need always a thinking triggering me how can I do better. I am just trying to emphasize how to set my mentality in "enough" concept. Success not only comes from out of comfort zone but also in comfort zone.

Time to time, you need to process your experiences by using your zones. Without digesting what you know, it does not make sense always focusing on running. Experts say there is a new trend we become boring so quickly. All the new things become commonplace for minutes. This is called hedonistic adaptation. That is natural tendency of new things becoming new normal. And so that means a new comfort zone for you at the end of the day. However my focus is most of the employees who are trying to go out of comfort zone is having stress. Psychological state of yourself is affecting your performance. Since you are working with full of stress that can make you underperform. You have to focus on more your strengths within comfort zone and how to utilize them more.

I know comfort zone is a space for you where your activities is in routines with minimized risk. You can focus on more happiness, less risk and low anxiety. However you have to recalibrate your reality. Reality as we know from digitalization can change, actually perception reality can change. So you will need to disrupt the system, you need creativeness. However in business life, it is always being understood that to be creative you have to go out of your comfort zone. I totally disagree. My idea is to combine the state of being creative/disruptive into your life more. It needs to be a part of you. Then it does not depend on your mood or your position in the company. I do not think it is related with having different zones. An employee can be creative within the comfort zone as well. We have to focus more on how part.

As a Next Generation CEO, as I always say, employees first. We have to think about employees and their behavioral attitudes. Salary/compensation, ownership, cultures are not the only things to focus. Disruptiveness is the key to deliver and grow in sustainable way. You as CEO need to focus on how they use their comfort zone. Let's get rid of cliché sayings like going out of comfort zone. Let's be innovative and say how to utilize our comfort zones more and how to set our borders on comfort zone. This will be crucial step in your strategy regarding employees. Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity.

Hakan Özdemir

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