How to design Corporate of Future ? (Phase II)

At first phase, we have more talked about capital and new structures. To design the corporate of future, remaining important topics are influencing, risk analysis, and the role of society. Of course we can touch on different topics as well. However, these are my top prioritized points.

I had lots of experience on top management topics and positions. I think all these positions will be consolidated in near future. Simplification will be the key for future of a corporate. When I forecast, I see all top managers within the company or what company is trying to do is only influencing. Therefore, Chief Influence Officer will be the top position and it has much more meanings than Chief Executive Officer. You have different stakeholders depending on your area of work and what an executive is trying to do is influencing towards stakeholders by persuading, attracting, having a common goal, sometimes even pushing, showing the benefits, using differentiation factors…so on.For the employees of company, you have to influence them so that they follow your leaderships. To make money in business, you have to influence customers. In many other areas as well. I see lots of executives not having any decision just acting as executive. What I mean is the following; leaderships, influencing require some decisions and actions. To not have any decision and only managing to find middle points and try to make everybody happy is not enough for an executive. So that is the reason, top executives need to learn how to influence others. In the corporate of future, we have to make sure there are roles so called Chief Influence Officers.

Risk analysis is another topic to be touched. I dislike when people say they measure and manage the risks according to their experiences. In future, we do not need any person’s experiences and give 100% confidence on specific person. There will be lots of big data and data analytics to be used by Artificial Intelligence and we will leave it to AI to measure the risks to not miss any threats or opportunities. It has of course a meaning to some extent. I am one the key players who think human factor is still important. I am just saying, there are "lets say” economical and political risks. Executives do not do anything to try to understand them, only commenting. Why do we not use some measurement to identify risk in much efficient ways and spend our energy more on intelligence part. In future of corporate, there will be nothing like this, we will learn how to use AI for risk management.

Society and company’s interaction with citizens will be much more transparent and important. It will definitely play much more role on company’s future. The companies that contribute to people’s life more like in areas of technology, standard of living, comfort, user-friendly will be surviving more than the others. To design of the corporate, we should focus on how to contribute to an individual in society. Today’s corporates only focus in customers. Of course the system of capitalism pushes the companies towards customers. Here is the time of designing new systems so that companies first focus must shift towards society. I see today’s companies giving declarations about the importance of society but not doing tangible things for society is only for PR / marketing. In future, this marketing activity will be more transparent to citizens and these citizens will react to that. So designing by starting just now is really inevitable.

As you can see that I like the topic of designing. And I use this terminology more for big picture in holistic way. Designing is not enough if we only talk about an organizational structure of company or go to market to customers or others. We should design in every part of corporate and you cannot do it alone. However, whoever starts it at first will be the key leader in the market. My focus as one of the key influencer in society, companies, NGOs is to give utmost importance on this topic and contribute and eventually to lead this topic.

Hakan Özdemir

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