Why will Augmented Reality grow ?

I am telling you that this writing will not be any technical one. I was thinking physiologically why AR will grow within human being aspect. Next Generation CEO should think what is going to grow and why to grow; so that she or he can think what to do strategically in near future. And AR is one of the topics everybody is talking but at the same time, nobody does not really know what it is. There are huge discussions whether it is good for humans or not. However, I can guess why it will grow and will be one of the key technologies in future.

Why is life that precious ? Besides all the aspects, there is one worth to mention. The answer is that life means only one chance. We can live only once. Most of people in world believe that there is no other chance to live again. That makes life very precious. And you know the feeling: regret. If you had chance to live again, you would not have this feeling. But you know what, we have only once chance to live the moment. And another aspect to touch is things cumulated. You start to do something, e.g. education, financial saving, relationship and you need time and it cumulates. At the end of cumulation you get something which you can be proud of. In the process of life, times passes and you get something, sometimes feelings, sometimes tangible stuff. And you have one chance to live the moment so you cannot go back and fix the things. Let’s come to the point now. What AR does is taking you to another life. You wear glasses (although I think there will not be any glass in near future, only optic lens or something), you jump to other life. And by the way, you can even design this life. All these willings by human being shows why social media popped up. They live in a virtual life already. All these postings, attractions, interactions, relations with people are all artificial. That social media interactions were phase one. Phase two is to live your life in augmented reality with more feelings like by looking at it, feeling, hearing…Augmented reality can take you to different life and makes you forget the moment and so that you have other chances to live other lives. I even believe there will be options and too many lives to live. When you feel that you take wrong decisions, you are unsuccessful, you jump to a new one. So, this technology will be number one all over the world.

When you understand why this technology will make the huge change in people’s lives, it is time to identify potential growing areas under AR for Next Generation CEO. I think that differentiation factor for this technology will be design. You know the life we are currently in has beautiful designing, maybe the best one. To present people different realities, you should design it very well and make people to feel that it is like real. Your market focus needs to be in designing the technology and content. And probably, there will be new design architect roles in big corporations when we talk about AR. I would invest just now to be a key leader on designing for AR technology.

If you ask me what is next then, it will be dreaming. There is less we know about how to dream and content of all details when we dream. There will be a technological move to identify details on dreaming and put us to dream which is controllable. Since AR is partially limited, subconscious mind has no limits. We can live our designed lives’ different scenario in our dreams and imagine that is controllable. All these technologies like AI, VR, others will be consolidate to that one at the end of the day. For business aspect, all the investments into this area will be next huge companies of future. I believe Next Generation CEOs will be much visionary and imaginary leaders. We have to start thinking about this just now and build tomorrow.

Hakan Özdemir

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